8 Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House.

The home-buying process may be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you’re in a competitive market with other buyers. One strategy to stand out and hurry the process is to make an all-cash offer.

While it is true that all transactions result in cash, the reality of financing puts barriers between purchasers. Sellers want to work with customers who encounter the fewest obstacles. All-cash offers are a terrific method to get rid of such stumbling blocks.

In this article, we will be focusing on why an all-cash offer is better and the benefits of accepting a cash offer on a house.

What Is a Cash Sale?

Before starting with the benefits of cash, offers let’s first discuss a cash sale. Buyers in most real estate purchases rely on the assistance of a lender to fund their purchase.

They may arrive at the table pre-approved and ready to make an offer, but their ability to consummate the transaction will ultimately be determined by the lender’s evaluation of their capacity to repay the loan, an appraisal of the home’s worth, and other variables.

An all-cash offer removes the lender entirely from the picture. It shows that the buyer has sufficient liquid assets to write a check for the entire purchase price of the house. In this circumstance, if you’re a buyer, you’re essentially indicating that you want to conclude the sale as soon as feasible.

What Is a Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer pays cash for a home. A cash buyer is someone who can buy a home outright using cash they have on hand, which means they do not require a mortgage or loan to do so. On the other hand, a cash buyer must have the money available when making an offer to be recognized as such, where the waters may often become muddy.

Some agents will pretend to have a cash buyer ready and waiting for your sale, but in fact, that buyer must first sell another property before they can afford to buy yours.

Benefits of Dealing With Cash Buyers

1. More certainty

Cash purchasers are often experienced in the real estate market and will only deal if they are completely positive it is the right move to make. They will also find solace knowing that not having a mortgage eliminates any anxieties about future finances.

In other words, repossession anxiety is not even on their radar. If you make a decent offer, there’s a strong probability they’ll accept it.

2. Quicker sale

This is perhaps the most important reason cash buyers appeal to individuals selling their houses, especially those who need to sell quickly. Again, eliminating the borrower from the picture may significantly reduce the time it takes to finalize a transaction, which is ideal if you need to secure a rapid transfer.

3. Save money on commission fees

Did you know that the average real estate agent fee is up to 6% of the sale price of your home? When you sell a house to a cash buyer, you avoid the lender and save money. Just make sure to check for hidden fees, as some cash buyers may surprise you with them.

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How to Find Cash Buyers?

According to the Federal Reserve, the median sales price of houses sold in the United States is $374,900. Although it may appear unexpected that there are purchasers with so much cash on hand, the truth is that cash buyers are not difficult to locate if you know where to go.

Here are some strategies for finding cash buyers for real estate right now.


An iBuyer is a real estate investment firm that frequently makes cash offers for properties without seeing them. It uses an automated valuation model (AVM) containing many data sources such as similar sales and area ratings.

Aside from closing quickly for all cash, marketing to an iBuyer can give a property owner more control over the selling process.

When an offer is accepted, the home is often examined, and the offer is modified depending on the results. Sellers can accept any updated offer, re-negotiate, or re-list their property.

Real estate agents who care about investors

Real estate brokers that work with investors frequently have a waiting list of purchasers who are willing and able to pay cash for a house.

Guardian Home Buyers

Another choice for selling and buying a house with cash is Guardian Home Buyers. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, we are here to help. Many of the main discomfort areas connected with a conventional encounter are removed, allowing you to move freely. This is how real estate should be.

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Why Is an All-Cash Offer Better?

Below are the main advantages of accepting a cash offer on a house:

1. Fast Finishing

A cash offer takes less time to complete from start to end. Furthermore, without the involvement of a mortgage lender, the entire procedure becomes significantly speedier. For one thing, there is no underwriting process—that alone may take a month or two.

2. Lower Risk

As a seller, you may be receiving many offers. Unfortunately, proposals from those in the financing process may not be accepted, leaving you with a home for longer than expected and losing you money.

On the other hand, a cash offer is guaranteed money at the moment. It may be a lesser offer, but there is little likelihood of issues resulting from an outside party, which means you may complete your transaction more quickly and at a cheaper cost.

3. A Quick and Neat Solution to Messy Issues

You may want to sell your property as soon as possible for various reasons. For example, you may need to divide the equity in a divorce or avoid the credit impact of a foreclosure. Perhaps you need to relocate for a job and need to do it as soon as possible.

Perhaps you require the funds. Whatever the cause, a cash offer may make a lot of uncomfortable life changes a lot easier to deal with.

4. There will be no piles of paperwork.

Another unappealing aspect of property selling is the paperwork. The sheer number of paperwork to read, initial, and sign may be intimidating, and even little errors can be costly.

On the other hand, a respectable cash buyer will handle the closing and paperwork for you. However, not all provide this service.

5. Stress Reduction

The typical method of selling a property is stressful. You must clean, stage, restore, and renovate your home. You’ll need to select a good agent, deal with the appraisal and inspection, and maintain your house clean during showings and open houses.

Not to mention the million and one other things to be concerned about: will the buyer back out or lose financing? How long will it take for the house to sell?

While there are several reasons why you might want (or need) to sell quickly, sometimes you simply don’t want to prolong the process. In any case, a quick house sale alleviates some of the stress that comes with selling a property.

The Common Procedure for Accepting Cash Offers

Making an all-cash offer differs somewhat from making a standard mortgage-contingent offer. To begin with, all-cash purchasers do not need to engage with a mortgage provider to acquire a house.

Because there is no need to calculate or budget for monthly mortgage payments, all of the traditional pre-approval and determining how much a buyer can afford goes out the window. The buyer will just make an offer and, if accepted, enter into a contract.

Remember that the buyer will still need to demonstrate proof of financial credibilities, such as a legitimate recent bank statement, but the paperwork requirements will be far less stringent. Consolidating the funds into a single account might help to speed up the procedure.

Because all-cash purchasers do not require a mortgage, they save certain significant loan charges such as interest. Other expenditures, including property taxes, HOA fees, and homeowner’s insurance, must also be considered, keeping these in mind while arranging the transaction.

For the actual transfer of ownership and closing, title and escrow services will also be required. An appraisal is not necessary for all-cash transactions because no lender is involved.

Should I Sell My House for Cash?

Selling a home for cash might save you hundreds of dollars in closing expenses. You’ll save money on appraisal costs, doc fees, credit checks, and loan origination fees, but these will largely benefit the buyer.

Closing expenses are often substantially cheaper on a cash sale, saving the seller money.

The Cost Savings

Over the last four decades, cash buyers have spent around 12% less than those who used a mortgage. That’s the difference between a $200,000 and a $176,000 price tag.

There are numerous reasons for the price reduction, but the biggest factor is the certainty that cash provides sellers.

Cash Allows for a Simpler Selling Process

1. Sign the contract

Accepting your buyer’s offer and finalizing a Purchase and Sale Agreement contract is the first stage towards closing, often known as “getting under contract.”

2. Check for evidence of funding.

Because your buyer will be using their own money to finish the purchase, you’ll want to be sure they have the funds accessible. Typically, you’ll seek earnest money (typically 1-2 percent of the sales price) upfront, as well as evidence of finances in the form of bank or investment statements. Your real estate agent can assist you in this procedure.

3. Employ title and escrow firms

Depending on the state, you may select the firms, or the buyer may do so. A title firm is in charge of verifying that property lines are drawn accurately and that there are no outstanding property liens, granting title insurance, and, on closing day, guaranteeing that actual property ownership changes hands.

The escrow business handles all closing documents, enables financial transfers, and completes the legal documentation that documents the transaction. It should be noted that in some cases, the same organization can perform both the title and the escrow chores.

A property lien is a legal notification issued with an outstanding obligation. If you have not paid your taxes, child support, the settlement for court action against you, or a contractor who has done work for you, a lien can be put on your house until the obligation is settled.

To cut a long story short, you can’t sell your home until all liens are paid off, and it’s the title company’s responsibility to ensure there are no outstanding liens before closing.

Let Us Put Cash In Your Hands!

We hope that you feel better equipped to sell your home after learning the 8 benefits of accepting a cash offer on a house.

If you are interested in selling your house for cash, Guardian Home Buyers are a great option. We would love to make you a fair offer on your property and help you through every step of the process before and after closing on a deal with us.

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