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Here at Guardian Home Buyers, we provide the best real estate solutions in Youngstown, Ohio, and surrounding areas. As real estate cash buyers we focus on helping you gain control of your situation by putting cash in your hands for your burdensome home.

Our process is faster than the traditional way of selling a home with the help of a real estate agent. Within 24 hours we’re able to give you a fair offer for your home.

Unlike a traditional homebuyer, we don’t need the approval of a lender for a mortgage on your home. This means that you won’t need to deal with real estate agent commissions, open houses, or home appraisals.

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With over 10 years of experience flipping houses in Ohio, we’ve helped over 100 homeowners sell their houses fast!

Our team has purchased homes in unfavorable conditions such as structural damage, fire damage, and expensive repairs. We’ve also helped homeowners going through a divorce, foreclosure, and many other situations.

Although every case that we deal with is unique, we always do our best to provide you with a win-win solution. As fast house buyers, our main goal is to help you get out of any difficult situation so you can walk away happy with cash in your pockets.

Enjoy an easy, fast, and fair sales process with us by filling out the form below and get a fair offer within 24 hours:

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What We Do With Your Home

We get this question quite often, and the truth is that everybody’s situation varies so the answer is not always the same. Often, we buy ugly houses in Ohio, renovate them, and then provide a beautiful home at an affordable price to a new family in our community.

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Our goal when renovating a house is to make the home as beautiful as possible while keeping costs low. This allows us to pay you more for your property while making us money at the same time.

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Guardian Home Buyers Stands for Something.

Integrity, honesty, and respect are always at the forefront when purchasing your property. As members of the Youngstown community, we want to see our neighbors dealing with distressed properties happy.

This very reason is why our mission is to do everything we can to make your life easier in 7 days.

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Our Big Promise To You

We will never take advantage of your distressing situation. Count on us to be by your side the entire way. We’ll pay your closing costs, clean up your mess, help with your move, and let you close when you choose.

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